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The videos below have been created to show how the TMT can be used to aid treatment to the jaw. 

Professional Use

This video shows how a therapist can use the TMT when treating the jaw. 


This video shows how the TMT can be used for self-use when treating the jaw.

  • Prior to each use, please make sure the TMT has been checked that it is safe to use.  That it hasn't developed abrasive or sharp edges on the surfaces that are making contact with the body.


  • The roller ball sections may not be suitable for patients with a mass of body hair.


  • Please make sure that your hands, the TMT and Cap are wiped dry of any creams to be able to benefit from gripping the TMT, with or without the cap on or to prevent losing control of the TMT while being used during treatment.


  • Due care and attention must be exercised when handling the TMT, as to not accidentally drop the tool over the patient or child whilst using the TMT. This may result in serious injury. This product is not intended to be used by children.

  • Care should be taken when cleaning the product, especially when cleaning the cream reservoir where the parts are separated

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