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The TMT has been specifically designed in collaboration with therapists and innovative experts, to render the unique shape and functionality. The dimensions fit neatly to meet anatomical anomalies of both users and patients. Designed as an ‘hour glass’ shape so that it fits into the contours of the body and can be gripped in a variety of ways.

MSTT0.4v3 Front Group.jpg

Acrylic glass roller ball 

Polycarbonate outer cap can be used for various functions, including precision work

Superior grip to provide greater feel and  control

Aerospace aluminium threaded collar to control the freedom of the ball and to dispense cream. Easily removed for cleaning

Resistant varnish, hygienic surface for treatment 

Sustainable wood 

Steel insert in wood for strength and balance 

Smooth broader surface area for circular stroking movement

Weight of tool and cap 193 grams

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