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The Anatomy of the TMT

The Therapeutic Massage Tool (TMT) is patent pending and designed as a handheld aid to treat a variety of musculoskeletal aches and pains.  It can be used by professionals or for self treatment. 

MSTT0.4v3 Front Group.jpg

Rollerball section: Seamless acrylic glass ball for general massage


Rollerball can be removed and cooled by placing in cold tap water for a minute  

Point on cap for finger-like precision work

Non-rollerball section:

Resistant varnished wooden semi-sphere design for deeper frictional work and firm massage strokes.

Heat can be generated when pressed and rubbed on the palm of the hand rapidly for 7 seconds 

Steel insert in wood for added strength and balance

Tabs located opposite each other within the rim to retain the main body of the tool and allow for a springy feel when used for massage strokes*2

Polycarbonate Cap with smooth broad surface to mimic the palm of the hand for effleurage or preparatory massage strokes

Weight of tool with cap 193 grams

Rubbery grip for:

- a variety of optimal handing positions

- better feel and control when rolling as part of myofascial work

- gripping and shaking muscle


Hour-glass shaped tool for effective myofascial work on various parts of the body

Ventilation holes

Aerospace aluminum collar can be unscrewed to allow the rollerball section to be cleaned*1

*1 - To remove collar, firmly grip collar and press main body of tool into collar and turn anti-clockwise

*2 - To remove the main body of the TMT, press the cap directly opposite the tabs and remove the main body of the tool at an angle in line with the tabs

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